About no.3

The group’s residential discipline, Interiors No.3, takes a more practical approach to planning residential spaces at an approachable price.

Targeting the mass market, the P+P’s subsidiary, also led by Liu, strives to provide clients with budget-friendly home solutions, such as kitchen cabinets and appliances, construction materials and lighting systems, in partnership with a range of homeware brands.

A departure from traditional procurement methods, Interiors No.3 adopts the “Design-build” model by which the design and construction works are bundled as a single contract in order to trim costs while maintaining high standards.

The “Design-build” model enables the design and construction teams to work together at an early stage. Designers can tailor their plans to meet the needs of the construction team in order to prevent the projects from running late or going over budget.

The firm utilizes the knowledge and skills of its in-house construction team and the expertise of its experienced design team to ensure on-time and on-budget delivery with quality at its core.

In response to market demands, Interiors No.3 is established primarily for the mass market with a vision to allow for public better access to its design services, Liu notes.

Such approach embodies P+P’s core values of Responsive, Responsible and Flexible, harnessing Liu’s design prowess and the capabilities of his multidisciplinary team to offer a wider range of design services to the market.

Located in Happy Valley, the studio is opened to public with a library featuring a wide selection of home design publications. The studio is located opposite to the Hong Kong Cricket Club, five minutes’ walk from Times Square.

Wesley Liu

Hong Kong Interior Design Association Certified Interior Designer and internationally renowned, Wesley Liu is an award-winning and multi-disciplinary designer.

Born in Hong Kong, lived abroad in Japan, UK and Australia, he received his Masters Degree in Design at the University of New South Wales (UNSW), graduating at the top of his class. He studied environment and interior design, and his inquisitiveness and vision also led to his close collaboration with the Department of Built Environment and the College of Fine Art (COFA).

Wesley returned to Hong Kong in 2007. Upon his arrival he worked with a celebrated architecture firm CL3 Architects and later assumed his role of senior designer at a renowned Japanese firm specializing in interior design and construction. And in 2009, he founded Atelier PplusP Limited. [Now Known as PplusP Designers Limited (P+P)].
In only 10 years time, Wesley led his team acclaimed more than 300 awards internationally and have completed projects across the globe such as Australia, Singapore, Taiwan and mainland China. He co-found Interiors No.3 Incorporation Limited in 2020 with investing partners and strive to deliver the best quality design solutions for the private homes locally. Simultaneously Wesley is leading the team of PplusP towards the commercial sectors and super high end residentials.